Recommended Gear

browning-logo-exp When it’s crunch time I need my firearms to perform that’s why I hunt Browning! Turkey hunting requires extreme seclusion that’s why Rocks Edge Gear is my camo of choice!
ts The first thing that’s goes in my vest is my ThermaCELL, the last thing you want is to be fighting mosquitoes when you have a gobbler in your sights!
truglo Visability is very crucial when Turkey Hunting, that’s why I hunt with TRUGLO sights! Team BCC wears LaCrosse boots,whether we are turkey hunting,scouting or filming. Comfort and durability is very important,that
is why we chose LaCrosse.The 18″ Alpha mudlite is the best snake boot I have ever worn and I have tried many others.
The Chameleon Blind is so lightweight, comfortable, durable and super easy to set up! Whether we are filming, bow hunting or turkey hunting it is the blind Team BCC uses.

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